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Printer cartridges were not cheap years ago and the price is only going in one direction – up! There are many reasons why this has been happening including the ever-increasing price of petroleum. Petroleum is the base ingredient of most plastic compounds and many common items use its by-products. However, don’t despair. There are quite a number of ways you can save money on the cost of your ink cartridges. There are different methods – creative and otherwise – and you can pick whichever method you prefer. With that in mind, here are 3 money-saving strategies you can employ when you have to buy a new ink cartridge.

If you are printing something, color ink should only be used when printing the final copy. When you print business documents, sometimes there will be color components. Your color ink cartridge should never be used if you are printing documents that do not have color in them. For personal copies of your own records, if the document has color, then go ahead and use it. In that case, since the copy is staying with you, then use black and white ink only. This will preserve your color ink cartridge, allowing you to save money in the long run when not using it.

It’s your responsibility to research the different printers when you are in the market for one. This is of utmost importance when you are looking at brand name products. Two things to take into consideration are the model number and type of printer cartridge the printer uses. The downside would be if the printer can only be used with one model of printer cartridge. So you will always have to replace your spent ink cartridge with the one specified, and it will probably cost a lot. In today’s marketplace you will discover several different types of printers, and you will also find that they all do about the same thing. So just look for the features and quality you want as well as being able to use different model number cartridges. This will give you more choices when you need an ink cartridge and help you cut back on your costs.

We’ve all run into the situation where we have purchased a product that was more expensive because it had a popular brand name. The parts for many products are included in this situation with brand name parts costing more. Take into consideration generic replacement ink cartridges and apply the same logic to their use. Take the time to do some comparison shopping and read some actual reviews written by users. Like with anything else, there are some generic brands that are more reliable. Some of these cartridges will be of poor manufacture; however, others can be comparable with brand name products. It’s worth the effort to try to save money on replacement ink cartridges for your printer, especially if your printing needs are heavy. Anyone who has a need to print out their computer work, whether a business or a home-based person, should find ways to save money on replacement printer cartridges.