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We are going to assume that, like others, you are spending a good amount of time discovering tips and shortcuts for the new Mac OS. This is not unusual with any operating system, whether it’s Windows or Mac. A lot of people, as you probably realize, have fun “playing” with a new operating system. People who don’t like digging in to the nuts and bolts of their new operating system, patiently wait until someone else explains it all. Which is fine! We, and others like us, enjoy doing this “work” and are happy to post it online for sharing with everyone else. And so, this is the spirit in which we share with you these great and helpful Mac OS tips to aid you in working faster.

Have you noticed how much has changed in the Finder’s search function of the Mac OS Lion? This feature was fine the way it was before the introduction of Lion, but now there is more flexibility.

If you want to search in a particular file, you can now use more specific filters to help you. It’s an interesting function. Locations suggestions will pop up as you enter your search terms. You will have various questions to answer concerning your search parameters, etc. This is a feature we really appreciate. It will make searching with Finder search easier and quicker. Do you have an address book? Most of us do have two or more, and having the ability to combine them all would be very useful. Many people will appreciate images that you have, especially when added next to your entries. You can link images with addresses using Faces and Address Book. These are components of iPhoto and part of the OS X Lion operating system. So when you are doing your contacts, you need to click on Faces and then double-click on the image you want. The iPhoto library will have the person that you are seeking. Then you simply choose the image, and you can also change the image dimensions as necessary.

As you know, we’ve had the ability to copy files between locations with ease. Even though this feature is very useful, and is frequently used, there are aspects of it that can lead to annoyance. What irritates people is that, at times, they don’t want the file they are copying to remain in the original location.

The outcome now, when you use Command C and V from your keyboard to copy and paste files, is not the same way it was before. The process now is that, after you copy the file, you will actually be moving it without leaving a copy behind. When you use this method, it conveniently lets you keep your hands on your keyboard, which a lot of people prefer. But just remember that you are totally moving it, so do not think it will be in several places.

In this article, you have learned some Mac OS tips, that should help your computer usage be faster. Everything that helps make life more efficient is very worthwhile since most people are way busier than they should be. There are many things that can be learned and used, but so far the surface hasn’t even been scratched with what is out there for you to learn.

By now you have no doubt heard about that age old debate between computer users: Windows vs. Mac OS. This isn’t anything new and both systems have their pros and cons. This doesn’t mean that they are identical, though, and the truth is that you are probably going to be better served by one system over the other. Take a look at the features of both Windows and Mac that we will show you in this article and then make up your mind for yourself.

You shouldn’t choose windows, if you are really worried about security. If you are a Windows user, then you already know about computer viruses. For some reason, users of a Mac are less likely to get a virus, but mainly the majority of people are using Windows. Spyware and malware have the same type of results. It will cost extra time and money, when you have a Windows OS, because you will have to have an anti-virus software, and it will need to be updated regularly The threats will be much fewer when you have a Mac, but it is still wise to take precautions. When you reveal your own data to a scam artist or hacker, you are causing security issues by your own actions, and you should always remember that. There are many issues that would never happen, if you used common sense, and it doesn’t matter what computer.

Aside from price, the main advantage of Windows is that it gives you more choices and the ability to customize. In terms of Mac, you only have one company: Apple. PC computers, on the other hand, are manufactured by all sorts of companies from the huge and easily recognizable to the small and rarely seen.

The advantage of this is that you can build a PC piece by piece if you want. You can go online, for example, and buy a custom system, which not only allows you to save money, but also ensures that you’re only getting exactly what you need. Macs come with plenty of their own benefits, but buying one pretty much commits you to whatever is in the box.

You shouldn’t buy your computer totally because of the way it looks, but it is important to most people. There are a lot of people who end up getting a Mac, because they like the way it looks. High functioning products that looked nice, as well as being ergonomic, have always been the goal of Apple, and that is where their design efforts have been focused. If you were wondering why most other brands were less expensive than Apple products, this could be the reason. As long as you are willing to take the time to look, you can find an appealing computer that is Windows-based. It is important to consider, but still the design of a computer isn’t the most important factor. The above points regarding Windows vs Mac OS are just some of the things you should consider before making a choice. If you have been having a hard time making up your mind, it’s a good idea to visit one of the larger computer stores, including maybe your local Apple store if one is convenient where you live. You’ll find that it’s easier to make a final decision once you’ve gotten up close and personal with all of your options.