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Are you trying to do everything you can to rank your website well with the search engines? Why aren’t you getting the outcomes you want, then? Many new webmasters who try to optimize their site for the search engines forget the basic rules that they need to keep in mind. The rules search engines set for their ranking requirements are always being changing and the means of optimizing websites are changing as well. If you want to stay ahead of the crowd and see your site on the first page of Google, you need to avoid making the following mistakes. If you don’t make these mistakes, you will succeed and it doesn’t matter how much capital you have.

Slow Website

Most new webmasters commit the SEO mistake of making the site too flash-heavy. Sure, flash will wow some viewers, but where SEO is concerned it really doesn’t help. Flash may help you with the visitors to your website, but search engines can’t see it and therefore it can’t be seen by the spiders.

Content is what attracts the search engine spiders and when they don’t find it, they’ll simply skip your site and move on. Your ranking will be greatly affected by this. You can still have your flash as long as you use text also so that the search engines can find your site. You have to have a lot of text if you want to rank high.

Not Using ALT Tags

Don’t forget to put the ALT tags in all the images on your site. Alt tags are the description of the picture you get as it loads.

However, if you use ALT tags in your images, you will also get a higher ranking with the search engines. People mostly forget about this when it comes to search engine optimization. ALT tags used with your keywords in them, then, have the benefit of getting you recognized by humans and search engines alike.

Incoming Links

Getting incoming links too quickly is also a mistake, as it will send out a red flag to the search engine and they’ll penalize you for link spamming. A major myth going around right now is that your new site will catapult to the number spot on the first page if your link is mass distributed across the web. Don’t be fooled, the search engines know better than to fall for such a silly trick. Do your SEO the right way from the beginning because Google is very strict on new sites and will sandbox you for the littlest misstep, like spamming your link on other people’s sites. The big secret is to build links slow and steady. In conclusion, there are many different elements which go into making your SEO successful. Don’t fall for the promises made by ‘blackhat’ SEO tactics that say you’ll see instant search engine results, especially since none of those techniques will benefit you in the long term. Try to focus on using Whitehat SEO techniques that are more reliable in terms of improving your search engine rankings, bringing in plenty of targeted traffic and won’t get you banned for your efforts.

A lot of times you can prepare as much as possible, and there will still be things to learn and mistakes to be made. It is a universal experience to do something that was regretted later, and you probably tried to avoid doing it again, if you’re smart. The goal for all of us in online marketing is to study, gain experience and make money – but we also gain valuable lessons from our peers. You will buy products to learn new things about IM, so you should also learn from those who know. You must know there are tons of SEO mistakes that people make, and if you are new to it than you have to learn about the following.

The first topic will be about search engine spiders; you need to write content that they will love. Unlike the articles that you may write for your primary visitors, these articles are different. Lots of Internet Marketers try to get around this rule by making the main portion of their pages for their readers and then adding a keyword stuffed block of content or copy below their footers. This strategy is utilized to attract search engine spiders to their page. Some people even shove links in here too.

All this does is tell the spiders that your pages are keyword stuffed. Your ranking can actually suffer because of it!

Failing to check out your “neighborhood”? It’s the same concept as looking at a real neighborhood, the one that you were going to buy a house in – you checked the neighborhood out before you moved. Right? You need to know what is going on around you. You should process the Internet in a similar way.

Using an IP Checker, you can see what other IP addresses are in your digital neighborhood. Google will sometimes restrict certain areas of the web, making it impossible to be indexed, because the spiders won’t go there. Sometimes spammers will have part of your IP address. This is something you also want to avoid.

Do you do inner linking? You should with your chosen keywords. The pages on your website, if they are interlinked, is a great SEO strategy. Your inner linking efforts, using your primary keywords, will help you rank higher in the search engines. Make sure that the pages that you link to are optimized for the keyword based links you are using. And, of course, all of these links need to be accessible from the home page itself. Keep the links in the sidebar for easy access. Now you will see these links on your homepage, and every other page, because they are in the sidebar.

Search engine optimization can be done in a variety of ways, some of which we have discussed in this article. You probably have this knowledge already. As you can see, this article focused on what not to do instead. You will find success when doing the strategies that we have just outlined. The bottom line is to never make mistakes that are unnecessary.